Total War: Warhammer launching in April, is the first in an “epic trilogy”

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That’s right, the Warhammer game we can’t stop rambling about isn’t just a standalone game, it’s the first off three upcoming Total War games! And that’s not all the news for Total War: Warhammer today, so prepare to sink a few minutes of time indulging in all the news and goodies.

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First and foremost: the release date! Total War: Warhammer is set to launch April 28, 2016. It will be a PC exclusive (sorry, console-only players!). Being the first in a trilogy doesn’t mean it won’t have DLC, although the following two games will be standalone releases. I don’t know if DLC is needed is the game has hundreds of hours of gameplay as promised, but only time will tell.

Those who preorder the game will get a Chaos Warrior Race Pack that includes three playable Legendary Lords, lots of magic items, and a quest chain for each of them. In addition to the normal edition of the game, a High King Edition will be available but only produced in one extremely limited run. The High King Edition ships is a Book of Grudges-inspired ornate presentation box featuring gold and sculpted details. In addition to the game, the box will also contain a Grudge Ring, Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant, Dwarfen Drinking Horn and Stand, canvas map, art book, metal game case, strategy guide, and the Chaos Warriors Race Pack.

If the High King Edition sounds like a bit too much, but the normal edition of the game isn’t enough, good news: there will also be a Limited Edition with the metal case and guide.

Hopefully you have two more minutes to spare after taking in all the wonderfulness Total War: Warhammer’s special editions have to offer, because there is even more to see: a brand new in-game cinematic trailer!

Are you as excited for Total War: Warhammer (and its unannounced sequels) as we are?

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