Koei Tecmo shocks us, announces Nioh

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If you thought The Last Guardian and Shenmue’s miraculous reappearance last E3 was impressive, Sony’s Archaeology Department has dug up a new treat for you. In a move that would make Nathan Drake proud, Koei Tecmo revealed yesterday during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference that Nioh would be coming exclusively to Playstation 4 in 2016.

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Now, those of you with a long memory might remember that, once upon a time in 2005, Koei Tecmo announced an interesting-looking action game set in a fantastical reimagining of feudal Japan. This is that game. A few screenshots were shown, and then the game disappeared off the face of the Earth only to reappear this week.

I’m happy it did! Despite my misgivings about long-delayed projects (Duke Nukem Forever, Devil’s Third… do I need to say more?), the trailer certainly managed to pique my interest. From the little we get to see, it looks like The Witcher’s Geralt stumbled into a world that is the unholy child of Dark Souls & Ninja Gaiden, filled with samurai and ogres right out of Japanese folklore (And even sword fairies!).

Let’s hope we get more news soon!

– Eduardo R.

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