Beyond Eyes is coming to PlayStation 4… and you’ll never guess when!

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Beyond Eyes is right up our alley here: it’s a game heavily reliant on visuals to create the story, and in quite a literal sense. I was the lucky one to review it on Xbox One, and not only did I give it five stars but I would have given it more if I could. In fact, I still think about the storytelling, the stunning watercolour-styled visuals, and the characters on a daily basis, and readily recommend it to anyone willing to listen – I’m even doing it right now!

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Me selling you on the game is not the purpose of this post, I promise (that’s more like a delightful side-effect). We’ve been waiting for Beyond Eyes to be released on other consoles, especially considering Xbox One plus arthouse games don’t often go hand in hand. What we didn’t see coming, however, was the speed at which that would happen: Beyond Eyes is being released tomorrow on PlayStation 4.

Now, I don’t necessarily want to promote truancy, but I highly recommend calling in sick and spending the day with Beyond Eyes.

– Lindsay M.
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