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Thanks to the kind developer behind the quite excellent Red Goddess, we have five copies of the game up for grabs on PC!

From our review of the PlayStation 4 release: “Red Goddess a great experience. Utilising strong emotions such as joy, fear, and anger could have been done with far less elegance than this, and the act of using them all to investigate and recapture lost memories is a worthy, enjoyable experience.”

Sounds good, right? So it should. Fans of the Metroidvania formula will get a real kick out of this one, and the decent effort in putting that platformer action in the context of a strong narrative is also worth some attention.

So what do you need to do? Well, almost nothing! Below you’ll find a survey with four questions. All you need to do is fill that survey out. That will sign you up for our weekly newsletter, if you’re not already a member.

It’s the last question that is the most important. This is a game of skill and the best five answers will win a copy (winners to be announced in the newsletter on August 15). Make us laugh, cry or discover a game we might never have heard of otherwise. Just give us your best answer, and you may well land yourself a new game!

Good luck!

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