The Sunday Screenshot Gallery: August 23

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Sharing screenshots is fun. In fact, the screenshot feature is in many ways the best feature that has been added in to this generation of consoles. It’s fun to share gameplay experiences, amusing anecdotes from the games, a indulge a little of the inner photographer in us.

With that in mind, at DDNet we run a screenshot gallery each week, where we pull ten of our favourite shots from games we’ve played. This is something we’d love for everyone in the community to participate in! If you’ve got favourite screenshots of your own, simply shoot them over to, and we’ll get them up in the gallery the next week!

Many thanks to DDNet reader, Britta, for contributing an awesome screenie this week!

This is how RPG narratives will work in a post free-to-play world. – Britta, DDNet Reader. (Siralim)

So, is this a battle, or a sleeping contest? – Clark A (Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright)

This game certainly wears its heart on its sleeve. – Matt S. (Dungeon Travelers 2)

Yep. I got a 1CC (One Credit Clear) on Astebreed. That’s pretty awesome, right? – Pete D. (Astebreed)

This is Starchaser, a delightfully mindbending Japanese doujin platformer in which gravity is all over the place.Pete D. (Starchaser)

Ooooh. Now I know why this series is popular. – Lindsay M. (Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth)

Who doesn’t like Final Fan… I mean, Ein Al?Pete D. (Hyperdevotion Noire)

Interstellaria, a retro space exploration game that proves that you don’t need to try and be another Terraria. – Pete D. (Interstellaria)

The glow of destiny.Pete D. (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture)

This has got to be the most cruel bait and switch Sonic has ever thrown at us.Clark A. (Sonic Lost World)

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