Not one, but two new Worms games have been announced

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When I was a child, I loved worms. I’d dig them up and try to keep them as pets while steadfastly refusing to be the one to put them on fish hooks as bait. As an adult, I still adore worms. But my fascination has grown away from uprooting them and poking them with a sticks and more towards using them strategically to blow stuff up, and that’s thanks to Team17’s Worms franchise. It seemed to grow up right alongside me, starting in 1995 when I was turning ten and coming out with wonderfully wormy games every since. And now Team17 is giving the world more of the wiggly creatures to love (and/or explode) in two upcoming games: Worms WMD and Worms 4.

Worms WMD (above) is the second Worms game to come to current-gen consoles after last year’s Worms Battlegrounds. It combines cartoon-inspired 2D graphics with hand-drawn landscapes. Players will now be able to enter buildings and use vehicles. The game will be available on PC and Xbox One sometime in 2016.

Worms 4 (above) is a brand new mobile game releasing for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) this month, and likely Android in the future. It’s been optimized for mobile use and has smaller landscapes, smaller teams, and shorter match times so players can complete battles even while out and about. Play alone in single player missions, or fight it out with others in online multiplayer matches. There is currently no word on whether it will be a a free-to-play or paid app.

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