Upcoming Splatoon update includes new weapons, modes

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Get your paint ready! Splatoon is getting some great new content next week. The free update is expected August 5 in North America and August 6 for Europe/Asia/Australia, and includes a higher level cap, new ranks, new modes, new gear, and new weapon types.

The game’s level cap has been more than doubled, increasing to 50 from 20. There are two new ranks, S and S+. Luckily, there are more than two new gear items coming to Splatoon… 40, to be precise, including a sushi chef and leather jacket.

Two remains the magic number, as there are two new matchmaking modes: Squad Battles are where players can participate in Ranked Battles with friends instead of random players, and Private Battles are invite-only customizable matches for two to eight people (and teams don’t have to be equal – who else is up for one versus seven?). There are also two new weapon types: Sloshers resemble buckets and send ink straight ahead at an impressive distance, and Splatlings are gatling guns that can charge ink. The Japanese TV spot below will show both new weapons in use, but don’t blink or you may miss it!

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