Ubisoft releases interactive trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege

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We at Digitally Downloaded may tend to shy away from shooters such as those in the Rainbow Six franchise, but Ubisoft’s new trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege is pretty freaking cool.

Steering away from the traditional trailer where the viewer sits idly by, there is a lot to look at and click on in the new interactive trailer. Because of this we can’t just post the video as we normally would, so instead we implore you to check it out here.

In the trailer, players are trying to infiltrate a consulate. When there is information about what they are doing available, a big yellow diamond pops up that you can click on to learn more. There are ten of these diamonds, and they show anything from tactical moves to character descriptions.

Rainbow Six: Siege is scheduled for release October 13 of this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

– Lindsay M.
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