Square Enix announces Dragon Quest XI, coming to multiple platforms

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Square Enix has been bouncing its Dragon Quest franchise around for some time, which each game being exclusive to a console. Originally with Nintendo, Dragon Quest VII moved to PlayStation. Dragon Quest IX moved back to Nintendo. Now – for the first time – the iconic JRPG series is going multi-platform, with Dragon Quest XI coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation 4 (and possibly Nintendo’s secretive NX console).

Obviously, these two systems have very different specs and cannot run the exact same game. The PS4 version is being built on Unreal Engine, and should have some pretty wonderful graphics as a result. The 3DS version is designed for the two screens, with 3D graphics being displayed on top and a 2D version (reminiscent of the original Dragon Quest) shown simultaneously on the bottom/touch screen. If the player uses the joystick to control the game, messages will show on the top screen and battles will be in glorious 3D. Alternatively, if the player uses the D-pad the messages will appear on the bottom screen and battles will be in nostalgic 2D.

The full announcement presentation can be seen here:

But wait… wasn’t there a “mistaken” news story not even two months ago that the acclaimed Dragon Quest series was coming to the PS4? Apparently there was more truth to that then we (or anyone) thought!

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