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With this year’s edition of Quakecon, the Woodstock of gaming, comes many juicy tidbits covering all of the Fallout games. From a collector’s edition to more information about Fallout 4 and updates regarding Fallout Shelter, there is lots to cover, so let’s get started!

First off, Bethesda will be releasing the Fallout Anthology. The collection contains Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, and Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition. Arguably the best part is that the games come housed in a mini (and obviously very fake) Fat Man nuke that has a bomb sound effect just for good measure, and contains an empty slot to stow Fallout 4 later on. The retail price is $50 USD (what a steal!), and it goes on sale September 29 in North America, October 1 in Australia, and October 2 in Europe.

There was a lot of new information about Fallout 4 (expected release date November 10) to process, so let’s begin! Outside of Boston’s core, you will also explore Quincy to the south, Lexington to the northwest, and Concord slightly farther west than that. From what we’re hearing, it sounds like factions will be able to declare war upon each other, or at least battle it out.

One of the things that really excited people about Fallout 4 when it was first shown at E3 2015 was the inclusion of a canine companion, and now we know a bit more about the dog: his name is Dog Meat, and the studio filmed the game’s lead designer’s pet dog to represent it as best as possible. Dog Meat finds you quite early in the game, so you won’t be alone for long. He can be sent into buildings to scavenge as you do something elsewhere.

Dog Meat is one of twelve possible companions to your character in the game. One of the characters, Preston Garvey, has already made an appearance in Fallout Shelter. He’s the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen and found holed up in a museum in Concord. Piper is another companion, found near Diamond City, and she is incredibly charismatic. Mr. Handy makes another appearance, being another option for non-human companionship. Mr. Handy even says your name, regardless of if it’s simple or even vulgar, as long as it’s one of approximately 1,000 programmed in. You can romance any human companion (aww, no romancing Mr. Handy?!) regardless of gender. If you prefer to go at it alone, you can choose to play that way as well.

And the last bit of news regarding Fallout 4: there are 70 perks. Perks are related to SPECIAL stats instead of level. Each perk has its own set of ranks, totalling 275 different ranks across all perks. That’s a lot of playtime if you want to experience each one.

The cherry on top of the Quakecon/Fallout cake is that Fallout Shelter is finally coming to Android! Expected on August 13, the iOS game will also be updated at the same time (or as close to as possible) to include some new content: Mr. Handy, Deathclaws, and mole rats. Mr. Handy will likely be given out as a reward of sorts, and can defend your vault as well as be sent to the Wasteland. Deathclaws will attack vaults similar to how Raiders do currently. Mole rats will infest rooms as well as radroaches.

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