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Goodbye productivity, hello more Splatoon! A mere week after the announcement that Splatoon had sold one million copies worldwide, the hit game is making a splash again. Nintendo announced today that a new mode will be added to Ranked Battles, launching worldwide on July 1 at 7 p.m. PST (that’s 2 a.m. UTC or 12 p.m. AEST on July 2).

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In Tower Control mode the aim is to ride a tower along a set path toward your opponent’s goal, reaching it within a set time limit. As one player rides the tower, that person’s teammates must protect them from enemy attacks. If an opponent jumps on top, the tower will switch directions and head in the opposite direction. And if nobody is talented (or lucky) enough to reach their opponent’s goal in the time allotted, whoever is closest wins.

And if that doesn’t sound enticing enough, the new content is completely free!

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