E3 has not even started, and Nintendo’s made its first E3 announcement

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Despite all the leaks that happened last week, Bethesda was meant to effectively open E3 with its floorshow in an hour or so.

But Nintendo beat it to the punch, using its 2015 Nintendo World Championships to announce a new game, Blast Ball, which could only be described as soccer crossed with Metroid. It’s a 3×3 competitive game for the Nintendo 3DS, in which players need to use their lasers and “weapons” to shoot a ball into the goal. 
It’s also possible to directly knock out the other players, which will be the equivalent of tackling the other player in a real ball game. 
After the success of Splatoon, Nintendo’s clearly on a roll (hah! Pun) with the whole eSports thing. While Blast Ball doesn’t have the charm of Splatoon, it does look like it’ll be a fast, furious and highly competitive little game once it launches. 
Video below. 

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