GUST’s Yoru no Nai Kuni is, unsurprisingly, gorgeous

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Last week we mentioned that GUST was teasing details about a new game that it had in the works. A game that was worth getting excited for, because it would be the developer’s first PlayStation 4 project. Furthermore, it was a game that Koei Temco veteran, Keisuke Kikuchi, would be helming, and the idea of GUST crossed with the director responsible for Deception and Fatal Frame was all kinds of intriguing.

GUST has now unleashed a full website for the game, Yoru no Nai Kuni, and it is absolutely spellbinding. It turns out that this game is an action RPG (which, while unusual for GUST, is not new – see the Ar Tonelico games), in which players recruit and train demons to aid them in battle, while also featuring two rather beautiful women.

The teased narrative, as reported by Gematsu:

People who were once human—

The battle against the monster leader, known as the Ruler of the Night, ended in human victory. However, the polluted blood from his fall scattered and left behind a root of evil. Those that bathe in its blue blood change form and become beings known as Jayou—creatures that take away the night from the people.

Since then, the people of this land go about their doings while the light shines, as the Jayou come out when darkness falls. A land that never sleeps, it’s become known as the “Land Without Night.” Bathed in blue blood, a girl cursed with the abilities of a “Bloodsucker” lives for those of the Land Without Night, and fights alone as the night’s sacrifice.

This Land Without Night does not exist on maps. This is the story of two girls’ love scattered in history. A story of life and battle not told by anyone thereafter. A story based on this true love, both sadder than anything else and more beautiful than the moon—.

As you can see from the early artwork and screenshots that have appeared on the website, this game is significantly darker than GUST’s traditional fare, but at the same time, the quality character design is consistent with the house of Atelier.

Oh, and the other reason to visit the website is to hear the background music, which is nothing short of ethereal and beautiful. Immediately we can’t wait for this game.

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