Ar nosurge is coming to your PlayStation Vita very soon

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Koei Tecmo really needs to stop announcing all its cool games at midnight (Australian time) so that the news isn’t hours late by the time I get a chance to report on it…

Anyway, for people who may not have seen the news yet, Koei Tecmo has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita port of Ar nosurge, Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star, will land on English-speaking PlayStation Vitas on July 1, 2015.

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Similar to the enhanced ports of the Atelier series that have been released on Sony’s handheld to day, Ar nosurge Plus will be the base game that released on the PlayStation 3 last year, along with a bunch of additional updates and features to make it worth a second look for existing fans. In addition to the core game, the port will offer:

– New costumes for the four main characters (Delta, Earthes, Casty, and Ion)
– Beat the game to unlock even more costumes for the above four characters
– New “Purification” costumes for the additional characters
– New “Purification” Partners
– Sarly, Nelo, and Shurelia can be selected as conversation partners during Purification.
– DLC available for the previous version pre-loaded into the game

None of that will mean too much to people who haven’t played the original game, but basically it’ll mean the game is the definitive version (of the English release, at any rate).

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Ar nosurge is a game we enjoyed a great deal on the PlayStation 3, and we’re looking forward to having the unique musical adventure on the go soon! The PlayStation Vita continues to prove itself to be a JRPG playing powerhouse.

– Matt S. 
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