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SEGA knows how to make us happy. When the PSN weekly releases land (which will have already happened if you’re American) then you’ll be able to grab a bunch of new content for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd.

In addition to two new music tracks for the rhythm game itself (Sekiranun Graffiti by ryo and Ai Kotoba by DECO*27), there are six new DLC costumes, including two for Miku herself!

– School Girl Club for Akita Neru
– Gothic Purple for Yowane Haku
– M.S.J for Kasane Teto
– Nostalgia for Sakine Meiko
– Shiny for Hatsune Miku
– Type 2020 for Hatsune Miku

Note that for Neru, Haku and Teto costumes you will need to have purchases the character themselves, as they were DLC too.

Related reading: Before Christmas we reviewed some of the other DLC costumes that were available for this game.

And of course all DLC that you buy is cross-buy, meaning you can access it from either your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go add to that 200+ hours I’ve already spent tapping away trying to get a damned perfect in an Extreme version of a song. Might as well do it by dressing Miku up in something new!

– Matt S.
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