Trailer: Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy slashes, wrestles, punches its way westward

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While gaming has a number of tropes that should probably be toned down – like the righteous yet murderous white protagonist who wins fondles and admiration from the girl, despite all the said murder, for example – amassing a charming force of individually unique awesomeness to save the world or take on a malicious institution never really becomes old hat. And that’s a good thing, since Arc System Works is commissioning your talent for putting evil in its place by bringing Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy to Europe and Australia in Q1 2015, and to NA on December 2, 2014, for PS Vita.

Once living in harmony with nature – settling within the forest’s bosom, passing down knowledge to the youth – humans had everything they needed. But their symbiotic blessing was suddenly demolished by the Decoders, beings who, their appearance like a combination of man and beast, broke through the sky. With violence and fear, they seized control of the world in a single night.

12 years later, those who survived the ambush prepare to conduct their last stand.

With this guy on your team flexing your foes into balloon animals, you should stand a pretty good chance.

That mountain of off-the-rope drop-kicks is one of four playable characters you can use to wrestle the world back into a state of peace. And as a top-down, four player local co-op experience, Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy also includes weapon enhancement, a skill tree system, fully voice-acted heroes and villains, and mission-based DLC.

Now I only have one question: What the hell is an Unsigned Legacy? I guess I’ll just have to wait a few months, and attempt to get on Mask the Shout”s level of burliness, to find out.

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