Manipulate the world from the shadows in King Dinosaur Games’ That Which Sleeps

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For generations, you, a powerful demon, have been slumbering, sealed away because the Heroes of the world misunderstood you and your evil agenda. But now the time has come to awaken and, in your weakened form, clandestinely lead the foul agents of the world in King Dinosaur Game’s  turn-based strategy game, That Which Sleeps.

Your purpose is pretty straightforward but far from simple: reclaim your dominion over the world! But instead of attacking the impeding Champions and Heroes directly with a burly army of hungry orcs, you indirectly influence the circumstances of the world through Agents who specialise in infiltration, terror, and performing rituals.

 The Peddler: He’s addicted to the booze but, man, can he sell the heck out of poisoned potions.

And herein comes the aspect, other than the seemingly strapping mod support, that has me sitting, lower back straight and stiff as a 45 kilogram dumbbell, at attention: you must balance your urge to affect the world with your need to remain hidden; whenever you send an agent to do your bidding, that agent, whether successful or incompetent, leaves behind clues that could lead to Heroes learning of your return. And if those newly aware Heroes can convince the world leaders to rally against you, well, you can butterfly kiss your evil aspirations farewell. 

Stealthy destabilisation is the key. And with that in mind, here are a few of the game’s features, thanks to King Dinosaur Games:


  • Corrupt, conquer, charm, and manipulate – with a fully realized world driven by thematic AIs that follow their own interests you can pursue multiple paths to victory.
  • Customize the world with your choices at the beginning of each scenario, choosing an Ancient Evil and selecting his origins and what dire deeds he has wrought on the world.
  • Make difficult choices with limited agents, choosing to send your Prophet to rouse the orc hordes or beset Kings with maddening dreams will greatly change the flow of the game.
  • Disrupt the Balance of Power by creating famines in the farmland, stoking the flame of old vendettas, or recruiting pirates to the sea.
  • Watch the fame of your Agents rise and heroes will begin to hunt them down. Let them fall as scapegoats and keep your name secret, or imbue them with dark power and take the fight back to the heroes.
  • Each action you take leaves clues behind that cunning heroes can decipher, eventually leading them to the truth. Kill or corrupt them before they find a receptive ear at court.

If bending the civilisations of mankind to your nefarious whims sounds intriguing, visit That Which Sleep’s Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages for more information.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking out for a peddler with poisoned potions…

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