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If you feel that the current selection of games available for your PS4 is lacking in playfulness, child-like wonderment, and 3-D plat-forming that requires fair skill in timing, dig up your old colouring book and don those sunglasses; The Last Tinker: City of Colors is available today on PS4 through PSN, and it just might have the necessary elements to help you remember and embrace your lost inner child.

TLT: CoC was originally developed by the German indie team Mimimi Productions for PC, which we enjoyed, but Sony’s LOOT Entertainment tried the adventure for themselves and presumably thought, “Like how a strong, independent, single working mother of three children needs wine and a short vacation from time to time, this game needs to be experienced on the PS4 console.” So due to the desire to give us gamers something distinct from current offerings, LOOT ported it to Sony’s magnificent device.

And oh-my-goodness, how I’m glad they did. Having had the honour to punch and grind through the majority of this experience, I can say, my sunglasses smeared with glue and red paint, that if you have a soft spot for a light-hearted yet socially educational narrative that’s conjoined with surprisingly progressive fighting system, you may enjoy the keen polychromatic vibe that the hero Koru and his world has on display.

Our review for this PS4 version will be live and smearing you with paint (don’t worry; it washes off after a few…weeks) in the coming week, so stay tuned and ever-so intelligent!

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