Gadget Review: Roccat Sense Gaming Mousepad

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Review by Rob P.

Mousepads fall into three categories. There are rigid pads, which are slick but noisy. There are fabric pads, which are quieter and more controllable. And there’s the mousepad that you got free with a magazine. Don’t use that one. It’s rubbish.

Regardless of which type you choose, a decent pad can make all of the difference to your gaming. Ideally it should stick to your desk like a limpet, be comfortable on the hand during extended use and allow the mouse to glide evenly in all directions. After that, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Rigid mats tend to produce fast movement, while fabric pads vary in speed depending on the model you go for. Sometimes they have pretty pictures on them too. That’s always a bonus.

By these criteria, the Roccat Sense is an excellent mousemat. It’s a rubber-backed fabric pad, and it measures in at a substantial 480x200mm. However, assuming that you have enough desktop real-estate in the first place, the slender 2mm depth means that it’s a relatively unobtrusive mat to use. And it’s accurate. I can’t verify the claim that this is due to an advanced microcrystalline finish – sadly, I left my electron microscope at home – but I can confirm that it tracked well with all of the laser and optical mice that I tried. It’s marginally noisier than some other fabric pads, but this is offset by a smooth, quick action that’s ideal for fast-paced action games.

The Sense has been reissued in three, combat-inspired designs, which compliment the new Kone Pure Military Edition mouse. Other images are available, but I’ll leave you to decide whether the pictures are to your taste. Hey, Matt’s the art critic on this site, not me.

What I can tell you is this: the combination of speed, comfort and accuracy is a winner in my book. The Roccat Sense is my new favourite mousepad, and for that it deserves every one of its five stars.

– Rob P.
Gadget Guru

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