Trailer: The bikini-clad zombie killers are back on the PlayStation 4… and it doesn’t look so bad

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News by Matt S.

Onechanbara is a franchise where women clad in the most impractical bikinis you could imagine (just because they can, apparently) run around killing monsters.

As you can probably imagine given how singularly grindhouse and exploitative the premise sounds, the Onechanbara games haven’t exactly been of the greatest quality. After playing the Wii release a few years ago I went temporarily blind from the combination of broken aesthetic and horrific gameplay in the worst sense of the word.

But girls in near-erotic bikinis sells. So they keep making these games and now, thanks to the miracle of next-gen technology, we’ve got a high-res bikini girl game on the way. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos introduces zombie sister characters for the first time.

There’s a trailer below. Lots of camera angles picked exclusively to benefit the male gaze. But, weirdly enough, the snippets of gameplay in the trailer don’t look terrible for a change. Could this franchise finally be entering the realm “guilty pleasure”? Perhaps. 

– Matt S.
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