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Lost Worlds of Power is a project from DDNet’s good friend, Philip J Reed. It’s coming at some point in the near future, but as we wait for the full book, Phil has released a smaller book called “Volume 0” as part of a charity drive.

Volume 0 contains five stories, as listed below:

“Mario is Missing!” by R J Burgess

“Balloon Fight,” by Lucas Hale
“Ring King,” by Robert Holt
“Kirby’s Adventure,” by Chris Gomez
“Tetris,” by Philip J Reed

These stories will not be part of the “main” book. The book is being sold through a special charity bundle:, which contains a whole mass of eBooks, games, and music albums. The minimum price is just $1, and all proceeds go to helping a three year old child in dire need of medical attention.

You can read more about that here: The point is, though, that in buying yourself this bundle, and this awesome little eBook, not only do you get a taste for what the full Lost Worlds Of Power will be like, but you’re helping a good cause.

– Matt S. 
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