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The PlayStation 4 will soon get a major firmware update, and with it will come SHAREfactory; an easy-to-use video editing tool that will allow players to create Let’s Plays, video reviews and the like with complete ease.

The current video editing software on the PlayStation 4 only allows players to trim clips of games. SHAREfactory, on the other hand, is a complete editing tool that will allow players to create extended videos featuring footage of multiple games, add in transitions and commentary, and basically create complete videos.

Furthermore, where previously players only had Facebook as an option to then upload their videos, SHAREfactory will allow them to export their footage to a USB key, and then upload it to YouTube or whatever other platform they would like.

I think this is a good move by Sony. People got a taste for sharing thanks to that share button on the PS4 controller, but now they have the tools to make decent quality footage to share.

A video below explains the features of the soon-to-be released SHAREfactory in more detail:

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