Ever wanted to design a Dead or Alive costume? Now you can via a Tecmo Koei contest

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Here’s a bit of news I missed earlier in the week: Tecmo Koei is running a “dress a character in your dream costume” contest for Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate. It will be showcasing the best costumes via social media, and if any of them really blow the judges away, they may well make the actual costume for the game.
Here’s the details of the contest, according to Tecmo’s Facebook page: “Are you ready to challenge the Team NINJA designers? Create the boldest, the brightest, the brassiest, the beauteous or just simply the best costume for the character of your choice and send it to us with the hashtag #DOACostumes. We will collect and exhibit them in April on this Facebook Wall and ask all of you, our DOA community members, to help us choose some of the talented designs. Selected designs will win prizes and the costumes might become a reality! Team Ninja #DOA5U #DOA5UA #DOACostumes”

Now, there are also rules for these costumes that Tecmo Koei will consider for the contest, which can be found in the image below:

I like the bit where the contest says that the design can’t be pornographic. Based on the costumes that Tecmo Koei has itself designed, I’m guessing that that part of the rules are not going to be especially strict.

Anyway, for Dead or Alive fans, this should be a bit of fun. Let’s see what the community wants to see.

– Matt S.
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