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Sony has announced an all-new PlayStation Vita model that it hopes will be more attractive to a broader, more casual audience than the original console.

Given that Sony’s messaging in the lead up to the release of the original Vita was that it was a console for “serious” gamers, this casual push might be seen as an admission that the “core” gamer isn’t enough to sustain a console. Either way, though, this new device promises to be a slick bit of kit, being thinner and lighter, and coming in multiple colours including yellow, pink, blue and grey.

The price of the new console will be about $200 come release. Given that the Vita is one of the most underrated devices on the market with a truly brilliant lineup of games, we can only hope this new device helps boost overall Vita sales.

For those of us who already have Vitas, never fear because Sony’s got our backs too – there’s a 64GB memory card on the way. While that might not sound exciting let’s put it this way; I need two of those. Imagine how frustrating it’s been having to swap between 32GB cards.

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