The weekly discussion: Game franchises you would like to see rise from the grave

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Here’s a story that I think most gamers will be able to relate to:

It started with Drakengard on the PlayStation 2, which was a devilishly addictive mix of DRAGON FLIGHT and DYNASTY WARRIORS. Young me was absolutely enthralled.

And then there was a sequel. I was even happier. And then the PlayStation 3 was a thing and a certain little game called Nier gave me a benchmark against which I would measure just about every other game I ever played since against.

And then I was sad. Why? Because the developer, Cavia, closed up shop after Nier was a bit of a commercial failure.

With that went my hopes to ever see a Drakengard or Nier sequel. Except the impossible happened and there is indeed a Drakengard 3 on the way.

With that story in mind, this week let’s sit for a spell and chat about games that we wish would be revived from whatever depths of hell they had been banished.

And, as always, happy gaming!

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