The Brutal Gamer News Wrap 4/5/13

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Doom 4 goes next gen, The Star Wars comes to comics, GameStop gets beat up and David Hayter doesn’t feel so good in the latest Brutal Gamer News Wrap.

Is Doom doomed?

I’m a big Doom fan. Like, a massive Doom fan. I own the original game (and Doom II) on pretty much every platform it’s available on including the 32X and the Jag. The bottom line is that I hate to hear bad news about the franchise and what just might be the baddest news a fan can hear came out this week.

Kotaku ran a story about Doom 4 and addressed the fact its not in the best of shape. Actually, that might be putting it mildly as the game’s been in development stasis for almost five years and still doen’t look like it’ll be seeing the light of day any time soon. In fact, iD Software parent company ZeniMax recently went do far as to warn iD (who are notorious for their ‘when it’s done’ philosophy) that they better get the game out the door in the near future or there’s gonna be a rumble…

Okay, maybe they didn’t exactly threaten to throwdown with the classic developer, but its rumored that some big time changes might be in store for Carmack and crew if Doom 4 doesn’t rise for early next gen.

Read the whole sordid story here.

These are The Star Wars

So, you think you know Star Wars huh? Well, it just so happens that on the same week that Disney effectively closed LucasArts, Dark Horse Comics announced a brand new miniseries that takes the franchise back to its embryonic state.

100% not an April Fools prank (seriously, we got confirmation) The Star Wars (The is intentional) is the comic book adaptation of franchise creator George Lucas’ first draft of the famous sci-fi epic. And this is not the Star Wars that you know. Han Solo? He’s a giant lizard. Luke Skywalker? His name’s Starkiller and he’s a Jedi General. And there are Sith everywhere.

It’s definitely different- and it looks definitely awesome.

Check out The Star Wars from Dark Horse Comics in all its parallel universe glory right here.

GameStop sees Holiday sales tumble

Long a retail scapegoat for players, GameStop has nonetheless carved out a very nice niche for itself as not only a new game retailer, but also as the master of the preowned title.

This past Holiday season saw the company have profits plummet across the boards. Everything from new games, used games, and hardware fell in what were pretty decent sized drops. It’s not all bad for the retail gaming giant though as they did actually see year over year profits improve despite the poor Holiday showing.

Is it the digital future that’s catching up with the ‘Stop, or just the continuing tough global economic state? Click here and read on for more.

David Hayter “feels ill” at the thought of not returning as Solid Snake

David Hayter has ‘been’ Solid Snake since the PSOne classic back in the ’90s and has continued on to become the Snake of the prequel games that culminated with Peace Walker a few years back. As for Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain? Yeah, not so much.

And if you think that he’s ‘just an actor’ and doesn’t care one way or the other, you just might have to reset your thought pattern as David is pretty upset that he won’t be back- so much so that he said he felt “ill” about the whole thing. The veteran voice actor took to Twitter this past week and said he wasn’t even really told about the casting for Konami’s new Snake vehicles.

This made him get in touch with the publisher directly, which resulted in a lunch that probably didn’t go the way he thought it might. David was basically told that Konami wouldn’t be needing him on this one, which does make you wonder if he might be asked back for a future title.

Read on right here for the whole sad affair.

The best of the rest

While that was some of the biggest news of the last few days, there was way more going on in the world of gaming and comics this past week. Here’s a few of the other big stories that appeared on BG:

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