The Walking Dead stalk new parts of the globe

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Telltale’s amazing reinvention of the ‘point and click’ adventure game is now available for zombie-smashers in Australia and New Zealand.

I honestly cannot believe this masterpiece of the modern adventure game has been kept from global release till now. It’s stunning, but ‘season 1’ of The Walking Dead is only now available in Australia and New Zealand on the PSN and Xbox Live and on Live in Brazil.

The game is a runaway smash, not only in the realm of downloadable titles- but in the video game universe in general. It’s literally won dozens of awards and has been bathed in both critical and fan acclaim since the first episode. I’m not even a fan of zombies (in the least!) and I loved every moment of The Walking Dead.

Needless to say, if you haven’t played it and you live in Brazil or Oceania, you’re officially out of excuses.

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