Exclusive: First look at Game Atelier’s upcoming iOS title, Pili Pili Rush

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The publishing arm of the Game Atelier is back at it again. It was only a few weeks back when we gave the tough-as-nails iOS and Android shooter, Sela the Space Pirate, a rock-solid 4/5 Star review; it’s already back to give us an exclusive look at another indie title headed our way at the end of this very month.

This time around, it’s bringing us a cute and colourful platformer, Pili Pili Rush, from the small independent developer Tim & Snoof. If you’re unfamiliar with Tim & Snoof, its previous title was a colourful side scrolling shooter that featured a flying dog that spits projectiles to take down all sorts of cute enemies: Aero Dog. It’s no wonder that the Game Atelier picked up the publishing reigns for Tim & Snoof, as its very own Flying Hamster (PS Minis) is a cute and colourful side scrolling shooter that featured a – you guessed it – flying hamster, which we awarded a 4.5/5 Star review scoreyears ago.  
Those same cute and colourful visual aesthetics are carrying over from Aero Dog into Pili Pili Rush and if the little sampling we’ve heard so far is any indication, the game’s soundtrack features infectious themes that will stick with you long after the game is turned off. In this title, you take control of a little pink guy that I’m not actually too sure what he is, but he does look as if he could be friends with Meat Boy. Anyhow, you’ll take him through 60 challenging levels of platforming action, within six different environments that range from an Aztec temple to the gates of Hell, all in the hopes to collect as many eggs as possible for his fire bird friend Minka. Why would any little pink guy go all the way to the gates of Hell itself for his friend (that’s obviously a girl)? Well, to find out you best bring your skills along with you, because you’ll have to finish all 60 levels to do so. 

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