The weekly discussion: do you play as a guy, or a girl?

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One of the more interesting bits of news to come this week was the revelation that there might well be a female lead in a future Assassin’s Creed console game.

There’s  been a bit of a debate that’s sprung up around the idea. While we personally feel it’s a little silly to assume that assassin’s can only be males (especially when historically that isn’t the case at all), it does open up our weekly discussion topic:

When you’re given the choice between a male and female character in a game, which do you choose, and is there any particular reason why? Whether that’s fighting games, RPG custom characters or something else, we’re often given the choice between male and female, and it’s not always just an aesthetic decision – it can impact on the way we play the game.

Sound out in the comments, and happy gaming!

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