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Survival horror game Obscure is returning to the gaming world, sort of.

The original title actually played and looked a lot like the first few Resident Evil games, just with a ‘teen horror movie’ vibe. Focus Home Interactive and developer Mighty Rocket’s new version of the game keeps the campy horror feel, but adds a healthy dose of comedic value and forgets about the 3D in favor of a side-scrolling play style

Mighty Rocket promises Obscure will have single and up to four player co-op play where players must work together to achieve objectives and survive the onslaught of beasties that have come a’ calling. All four of the playable characters will also have different skills and abilities that can be leveled up. So something of a light RPG element in there too.

Look for Obscure to sink its teeth into Xbox Live, PSN, and the PC this Spring.

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