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With a little over $200k USD pledged, American McGee’s Akaneiro: Demon Hunters will indeed see a debut on the PC – and then some.

The free to play action/RPG will be getting ‘crafting’, co-op play, Linux support, and iOS and Android editions thanks to reaching the lofty sum of $204,680 USD via the crowd funding effort on Kickstarter that just closed (though you can still contribute if you so desire, here).

One other console might be added to the mix as Ouya fans were asking for support, and Spicy Horse CEO American McGee was definitely listening:

“However, during the Kickstarter, we asked the players what they wanted and they decided: They want co-op and crafting now and Linux and tablet (iOS/Android) support as soon as possible. While we didn’t make our stretch goal, we heard the ‘don’t forget us!’ from Ouya supporters loud and clear.”

McGee also added that the additional features were coming and will be implemented “in a timely manner”.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters mixes traditional Japanese folklore with the Little Red Riding Hood story (yes really) for a pretty unique hack and slash experience. If you’d like to check the game out for yourself and get to some demon slaying, just click here.

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