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The guys behind Heroes of Newerth have been busy. Not only is their game a hit, but they’ve doubled their roster and launched a brand new division – one with an eye towards mobile games.

iGames, which is wholly owned by S2, will focus on multiplayer mobile gaming exclusively (I wonder for what platform…). According to S2, iGames will seek to “bridge the gap between casual players and experienced gamers”.

The company now employes some 90 people (doubling the number they started 2012 with) in a 16,000 square foot space, which is also a big bump up for them from their previous lodgings of 12,000 square. The reason for all this growth is a simple one- Heroes of Newerth.

“Our Heroes of Newerth player base grew by about 50 percent in 2012 and we have high expectations with the launch of HoN 3.0 in 2013,” said Marc DeForest, CEO of S2 Games. “We’re constantly seeking ways to improve our games and the services we offer to the player base, and that’s why we’re investing in a top-notch workforce and a great space to do the work.”

One of the biggest things that S2 plans to focus on for it’s new workforce is something that might surprise you- education. A 55 seat ‘enrichment classroom’ will be on the premises in the company’s new digs that will hold seminars on “not only industry-related information, but also valuable job skills and topics for personal growth.”

“Our employees are our biggest strength,” DeForest added. “A productive, educated, and happy workforce mean our games will be that much better.”

Hard to argue with that logic- and the apparent results. For a company like S2 to actually add to its employee base in such a massive way in the midst of global economic tumult is nothing short of impressive. It’s a fact that makes them a very easy organisation to root for too in the age of cutting staff and salary.

Good job guys, keep it up… now, what’s next?

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