The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #5: Halo 4

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It’s that time again! Michael Buble’s smooth voice serenades us over the radio with his brilliant rendition of “Let it Snow.” Houses are covered with bright lights, tinsel, green and red colours. Children anxiously count down the days, hoping they were good enough for a visit by Santa.

It’s a magical time, with one other little benefit – most of us also have breaks over Christmas. Breaks means time to play games!

It has been a great year for games, and no doubt there are some great ones that you’ve missed. And so we at Digitally Downloaded will count down to Christmas with one game recommendation for you each day.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Day #5 – Halo 4
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Jason M

Aside from one of the best Halo single-player campaigns in years story-wise, Halo 4 has a new and improved multiplayer component and you know what that means- some very, very late nights.

Multiplayer matches in Halo have always been great for a few hours or a few minutes; that’s something that makes the game a perfect fit for the hectic Holiday rush. I was a massive fan of Halo 2’s multiplayer and I remember fitting a few matches in here and there, before and after holiday happenings when the game first came out.

I honestly think it may have saved my sanity once or twice… And anyway, what says ‘Holidays’ more than laser swords and headshots?

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