Trailer: Primordia comes to life

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Wadjet Eye Games and developer Wormwood’s adventure title set on a post-human Earth is on the way, and the launch trailer is looking like pure old school awesome.

The age of man came to a close a long, long time ago in the Primordia universe. In this new world, Earth is a refuge for what he left behind- the machines.

Primordia will actually be available in both a digital and boxed copy. As a download, it’ll cost you $9.99 USD ($8.99 if you pre-order); getting the game in the box on a DVD will run you a little more at $19.99 Both versions come with an MP3 soundtrack, but the physical edition also includes a behind the scenes video, concept art, and more.

Look for Primordia on December 8th or pre-order now right here.

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