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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sanctum challenges players to survive then create

In a contest that's going on right now, Coffee Stain Studios is challenging players to withstand one of the games harder levels in order to earn the right to have one of their own featured.

Winners of the Sanctum Survival Contest will get to forge their own level in the game and have it actually featured in a future (free) DLC offering.

Getting to that point might be easier said than done though. Players must survive on the game's 'Corporation' map, in standard survival mode- on hard difficulty. The winner will be the pkayer who survives through the most waves of baddies.

Thankfully, proving your feat couldn't be much easier, as all you have to do is take a screenshot of your final 'score screen' and then post that up in the Sanctum forums (here) under the Sanctum Survival Contest sub-forum.

Unlike the crushing waves of enemies, the contest won't last forever. It's only on until October 22, 2012, so you might want to hustle if you want a chance to win.

Check out the full rules and regs here.
Sanctum challenges players to survive then create
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