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Gnarly news guys’n’gals, the eighty’s-tastic soundtrack to Double Dragon Neon is now live and in living color on the game’s website. It’s like an online mix-tape- a free online mix-tape.

If you don’t know, publisher Majesco and Reverb’s revival of beat’em up grandaddy Double Dragon is basically a tribute to all things 1980’s- and the tunes are a big part of that.

That’s why today we’re revealing Double Dragon: Neon’s soundtrack, heavily inspired by the wailing guitars, manly falsetto, and general epic-ness (as tight as a pair of black leather pants!) from the electric ‘80s. It’s truly, truly outrageous, and you can download it now – for free! – at DoubleDragonNeon.com, the official place for all things Billy and Jimmy!

Not only is there a free soundtrack for the game (which we’ve got for you as a direct link here), but there’s also a super-secret mix-tape vid that you might want to peep for yourself on the page with the jams. ProTip: look for the dancing tape.

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