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What does the company that owns and runs the largest digital platform for PC (Steam) do when they’re fed up with the current hardware that their products are distributed onto? They put together a team to develop better hardware; that’s what they do!
Yes, Valve is hiring hardware development specialist. That can only mean one thing – they’re developing hardware. In the listing at CVG, Valve had this to say:

“We’re frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space though, so we’re jumping in,” they stated. “Even basic input, the keyboard and mouse, haven’t really changed in any meaningful way over the years. There’s a real void in the marketplace, and opportunities to create compelling user experiences are being overlooked.”

Well, that’s that then. If that doesn’t debunk the ‘SteamBox’ rumours, then I don’t know what does. So, what do you guys think? Excited yet? 

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