Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Screenshots, art and trailer

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Final Fantasy XIV got off to a really, really rough start when it first released.  Initially touted as a top-shelf release for the PC and PlayStation 3, this MMO released to a variety of problems and some very vocal, critical reviews.  Square Enix put a different team to the game as a result and are now drawing closer than ever to re-releasing this revitalized version of the game.

Set to release late this year on PC and sometime in 2013 on the Sony PlayStation 3, I for one am hoping that Square Enix gets this one right.  They are running precariously low on goodwill from many of their players, and this title’s success will have a huge impact on the company’s health over the next few years.

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  • I really hope FFXIV 2.0 will be a success. SE, and more precisely Yoshi-P and his team have put so much effort into the game to improve it while also working on 2.0. One of the few developer teams to admit they failed, and support their game entirely free for over a year while they continue to improve it until they reached a point where they felt confident enough that it could go back to charging a subscription (as of April of this year if I recall correctly).

    It can't fail at this point, I don't want it to fail. Even if I end up not liking the game, I really hope it won't fail like FFXIV did at Launch, else it will send a terrible message to developers that it's better to just give up than trying to rebuild a game that lost once.

  • I am right there with you, Heimn. This just feels like something they really, really need to succeed with, and I think they will – I just hope people give it a fair shake now.

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