Want more Frequent Flyer prizes? Well, thanks to Remedy, we deliver

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Some of our most loyal readers have been able to redeem prizes now – I hope you’re all enjoying your games, and thank you again for your continued support.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working to broaden our range of prizes even more, and that’s just what we’ve done! Thanks to the good folks at Remedy, we now can offer six copies of the excellent remake of Death Rally. It’s like Micro Machines, but mean.

What’s more, it’s a bargain – a Steam key will set you back just 1,250 points.

So get cracking on those visits and Tweets (unfortunately due to a technical glitch you can’t earn points for comments at the moment, but please comment anyway). You’ve also got a couple of days left to finish our crossword for a free 500 points, so don’t forget to do that!

(And as a hint, since the crossword software got the answer wrong, 5-across is “BattleChessVs”, despite the actual answer being “BattleVsChess” – the wonders of technology “intelligence,” huh?)

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  • Woopydoopydoop! as I believe Shakespeare once said. I was going to buy this last night, and now I don't have to. Shakespeare may (or may not) have also done a little dance.

  • Yea it was funny that i literally spent almost 6 hours going over and over stuff i new was the correct info to try and figure out why i couldnt get 5 across correct even though i new it was battle vs. chess. then i read on a crossword googled page that sometimes you need to check your puzzles b4 u post them because certain programs will move words around on you from time to time. but it was an honor to be the first to finish the puzzle and this program is Ligit you really will get 500 points so get tweeting.

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