Video review: Rock of Ages (PS3)

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Last week we launched Digitally Downloaded reader reviews. This week we review one of the most surprising games this year, Rock of Ages on the PlayStation 3.

This tower defence hybrid is funny, creative and plays like a dream. Essential stuff.

Enjoy the review!

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  • When did this come to PS3. I knew that it was coming but I had no idea it was already on the store. We must play some time Matt.

  • I agree with your review a lot. When I got the game on Steam, I found it to be a really entertaining and new experience. I also think many other reviewers failed to realize that the tower-defense elements of the game were aimed at slowing down your opponent rather than knocking them off of the stage. Rock Of Ages is a game where speed is the key to victory and I believe you realized that.

  • Thanks Ninja!

    I try not to read other reviews before I review a game. I must say I was really disappointed with what the other critics said about this game after I started reading.

    It's like some people don't like fun or something 😛

  • I think it's more about misinterpreting game mechanics. Most other tower-defense games are about completely stopping a threat from occurring rather than slowing it down, and I believe many reviewers came into the game thinking about it from that perspective.

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