Ten years of Dragon Quest X?

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Square Enix had a couple of interesting announcements recently in regard to Dragon Quest X for the Wii.  To say their approach to this Dragon Quest game has been controversial is a bit of an understatement, charting new territory for the series as an online game.

Square Enix has said that they expect to support Dragon Quest X for 10 years, and that they are hoping for new DLC about every 10 weeks (quite the pattern of 10 here).  The hope is to make the content significant, including story quests and not just superficial updates.

It was also announced that Dragon Quest X will have twice as many servers to handle all of that online activity as well as fixing some bugs with scheduled maintenance on the servers.

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  • 10 years? Wow, just as long as it's been supporting FFXI.

    I really hope this gets a global release. I could be the one person in Australia still playing 10 years down the track 😛

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