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This week’s edition of the Xbox update features multiplayer shooter Hybrid and some nice add-on goodies including more zombies.

So apparently we really can’t go a week without talking about a zombie game. Left 4 Dead 2’s newest campaign (wait… they’re still making DLC for Left 4 Dead?!?) Cold Stream has taken a bite out of live.  This installment has the merry band of trigger happy survivors shooting undead in the back woods and blah, blah, blah. After a while all these maps kinda go the same way no?

Which beings us to the Summer of Arcade’s penultimate release- Hybrid. This is a multiplayer (third person) shooter which features two factions going head to head on a persistent world map. Battles won and lost here actually matter in the grand scheme as either group can lose or gain ground depending on the outcomes of games. Yes, it’s been tried before to various ranges of success. Will it work here? Find out today for 1200mspts.

Aside from those two options; there’s also the new Firefight pack for Mass Effect 3, collection 3 for Modern Warfare 3, and The Orange Box in Games on Demand. If you don’t have TOB, by the way, that’s my pick of the week. It’s almost a necessary purchase for the Half Life 2 saga alone.


  • Hybrid – 1200mspts — Multiplayer combat on a large scale with the fate of an entire world constantly in the balance. You know… no pressure or anything.


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