Hit the mountain with two new modes in SSX

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With a collective 200 million play sessions logged, EA’s revamp of SSX has been pretty successful. Now the publisher has released a title update that’ll infuse the downhill racer with some fresh powder.

Start up SSX today and you’ll be able to update and add the Freeride and 3-2-1-Go! modes to the game. Freeride is obvious enough; this mode allows for ‘at your own pace’ exploration of every mountain and  trail that the game has to offer. Just set your tunes and off you go. That’s actually kind of zen isn’t it?

As for 3-2-1-Go!, uh, what’s 3-2-1-Go!… ? According to a press release:

3-2-1-Go! Events are a completely new way to experience multiplayer in SSX. Unlike the asynchronous competition found in Global Events, this new game mode will allow you to compete with up to five riders simultaneously in fast paced Trick it and Race it heats. The rules for 3-2-1-Go! Race Events are simple – the first rider to cross the finish line wins. 3-2-1-Go! Trick Events introduces a countdown timer for the entire run, so the winner is determined by who can post the highest score and cross the finish line before the clock hits zero.    

So, like a multiplayer score-attack/race. Kinda cool. Two brand new ways to play the popular extreme sports title… and you can’t beat that asking price.

The new modes should be available now for SSX on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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