The weekend discussion: “What is your guilty pleasure?”

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Another weekend, another discussion! This time around we’re talking about guilty pleasures – i.e. those games that you know, deep down, are bad, but games that you can’t help but love.

I think just about everyone should have one of those. I have plenty! Now’s a good time to join the discussion too.. there’s a little matter of points to be earned 🙂

As always, enjoy!

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  • I'll kick things off with quite possibly the greatest example of a guilty pleasure ever – Two Worlds 2. Make no bones about it, this is a bad game. Terrible voice acting, clunky interface, weird combat system.

    And yet I love it – like I love B-grade fantasy movies (like, say, Conan). It's a massive game and there is something oddly compelling about the whole thing.

    So that's mine!

  • I would say Super Meat Boy, but that game has gone from a guilty pleasure to a game I don't enjoy on any level.

    It would probably have to be a game like Shaun the Sheep (DS), where I know it's not really a good game, but as a fan of the show it's a dream come true. I can forget the gameplay and just wander around the lovingly recreated environments.

    P.S. Sorry to bug you about this (here and NL), but I sent you a DM on Twitter.

  • Pocket Planes!

    I just can't stop flying these stupid planes around. I've just gotta get that one more city and the next plane!

  • I still plug in my Nintendo64 every few days and rip up some Mario64 I have beaten the game 33 times. That was the first game that when I was in 7th grade I played instead of doing homework daily. love it

  • What didn't you like about Meat Boy? I haven't played it yet (hard platformer = angry Matthew), but I've heard so much praise for it…

  • I was so excited about this game and pre-ordered it on Steam then played to to death. Well, 16+ hours for me is pretty much 'to death'.

    There are lots of great things in there and I made it through a number of levels (a+ even), but it got so difficult and I was low on time so I haven't made it back.

  • Crazy Taxi is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Though it's not quite the same without the original sound track even if the driving is fun.

    GTAIII is another even if it's a good game. You know we all just wander around and screw with people instead of playing the game from time to time.

    The original Rygar for NES was a pretty bad and buggy game and yet somehow I have really fond memories of it. Had some seriously great music though.

  • If you don't have an official Microsoft Xbox PC controller, then it's pretty hard to play. That's my issue with the PC version of SMB.

  • The game had a really terrible and slightly offensive sense of humor, and that's probably what annoyed me the most, besides the difficulty of playing it with a keyboard, as Slapshot said.

  • I have a thing for games that are stupidly hard, utterly incomprehensible, massively alienating or utterly baffling. I have no idea why, as they're not exactly enjoyable. I guess I like figuring out how they work, and then I lose interest. I'm thinking of DCS Black Shark here (a helicopter sim where there's a 40-step procedure to start the engine – IN RUSSIAN), and I'll be buying A10C Warthog for a similar level of befuddlement. I like Paradox games too, but they're a doddle in comparison 🙂

  • I have a weakness for bad 3rd person shooters. Your game is only average? The plot is cheesy? Maybe even a bad console port? But it goes boom? I have to play it! And I have to admit that I do enjoy those games most of the time.

  • Red Steel? I don't even think it's bad…just underrated. I would love to see Red Steel redone with updated motion controls though, and even online multiplayer added to it. If they did Red Steel again for Wii U, and I get the system, it would probably be a day one purchase for me.

  • Been playing that with our oldest (3) over the last month, and he enjoys just running around the game. The biggest benefit though? Now when I ask him, "What's Mario say?" he says, "Itsa me, Mario!"

  • Using a controller, especially a 360 does help a great deal. Though you do miss out on bragging about how l33t/hardcore you are on the steam forums for using keyboard.. 😮

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