The weekend discussion: The Olympics!

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We’re going a little off topic this week with the weekend discussion, because there’s the matter of a small little sporting event going on. The Olympics remains the event that pulls the world together, so we’re looking forward to a great couple of weeks.

What Olympics sports do you like watching? Have you ever been to a game? Have you ever enjoyed an Olympics video game?

Let’s get talking about sport!

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  • I love the Olympics for the sports that you don't usually don't get to watch – so for me, handball, fencing, gymnastics and the like.

    This is my favourite sporting event, ever since I was fortunate enough to go to a whole bunch of events at Sydney in 2000. I realised the the atmosphere of the event is something special that no other event can capture.

  • I pretty much like 'em all. Already got my DVR set and the Olympics App downloaded. It's going to be a great weekend! 🙂

  • Good morning.

    I haven't been to any Olympic games, but to be honest I don't really watch a lot of them. I read up on the highlights, but I tend to only watch the more mainstream sports like basketball or hockey when they're being shown.

  • How did you guys like the opening ceremony? I really enjoyed it – you could really tell that Danny Boyle had put a lot of thought into it. It was *very* British, though, so I'm wondering how it went down in the rest of the world?

  • I loved the opening ceremony. It did an amazing job of showing off the greatest contribution of England to the modern world – amazing music.

    I'm already exhaused for keeping very bad hours watching the Games, but I've already seen some amazing gymnastics, beach volleyball, volleyball, cycling, and more.

    Also. I don't understand judo. I really try, but I do not get it.

  • i have to say, it was really impressive looking. as someone who doesn't really get into the Olympics a lot,I still appreciated the opening ceremony quite a bit.

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