The weekend discussion: “How big is your games backlog?”

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This week’s discussion is all about those games that you haven’t finished. We all have some games that are sitting on those shelves wishing to be played or half finished. The question is; how many games are in your backlog?

And further to that – what’s your favourite game that you haven’t managed to finish? Why haven’t you finished?

Time to discus!

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  • This is my worst nightmare – I have way, way too many games on my backlog. Way too many.

    The worst for me is Nier – I got right up to the last boss and moved on to other games. Never got around to finishing it, which is tragic, because Nier is my favourite game this generation.

    Some day I'll have a couple of hours spare to get back into it. Le sigh.

  • I think someone got inspiration from a certain blog post 😉

    I have too many games in my backlog to count. Seriously. Worst offenders are the DS, PSP, and Wii… I got a ton of games for all 3 platforms in a short span of time and I just never got around to playing a lot of them.

    Titles I really need to get to: Tactics Ogre, FFT: War of the Lions, Atelier Annie, Little King's Story … that's just a random sample haha

  • I stopped Tales of the Abyss somewhere within Chapter Two (the game has three main chapters). I really don't want to count how many games haven't been played that I own. I mean, it's not because I'm lazy or want to be difficult, it's just that I don't want to be overcome by my serious first-world problem.

  • …and that's only your first play trough too — seeing as Nier is meant to be played 4x consecutively.

    My backlog, well, is pretty much suicidal big. :O

  • I finished off almost all of the "current" gen backlog last year. Only a few remain, but my general backlog has leaped up by about 3 games because of this horrendous (for my backlog) Steam sale, and we still have another 2 days?

    I'm not sure how many PS2, Xbox, and GameCube games I still need to finish, but it's probably between 5-10.

    Because of a few Wii games I have received as gifts, that backlog I think is at 4 now.
    Then my PS3 is at 4 as well, LBP, inFamous, Far Cry 2 (on loan), and Killzone3 I think…not positive on that one.

  • I have a huge backlog unfortunately. it's gotten much worse over the last year or two so far. It used to be, back in college, i had lots of time to play games and no money to buy them. recently, I've had the money to buy, not as much time as i used to have to play.

  • hmm, according to some older stats I have about 300 unfinished games. oops. that's a bit much. it used to be easier when I was collecting boxed copies of games – I could just sell the ones I wasn't interested in beating. but nowadays, the games just sit there in their digital libraries, unfinished, staring at me. damn you, digital age!

  • I actually just recently decided that since it is a lul in new games coming out rite now that i was going to go back to my first games i bought for the ps3 years ago and try n platinum some of them so I am on game 1 which happens to be my favorite game of this console generation and is Red Dead Redemption. I have most trophies but needs some cleanin up with multiplayer etc..then I will move onto mw2 and a few others

  • I think digital has really set me back a bit on that front too. I mean, i'm still sitting here staring at 20 or so unplayed physical games, but I know I must have 20-40 digital titles I still haven't gotten to either. I think part of the problem is my favorite genre is rpg/strategy. Titles like fps, fighers – you're looking at a much quicker 'time to completion' (though online modes do extend the value) than say, a title that takes 100+ hours to beat

  • Oh boy… my backlog is not my friend. I'm way too lazy to count, but there must be something like 50-60 games on that list. Most of my Wii games are there and there are a good chunk of Xbox 360 titles as well.

    Probably the biggest contributor is that I have a really tough time passing up on games that I missed the first time around when they go on sale. I just saw that Kingdoms of Amalur is going to be $30 off at Best Buy next week and I'm probably gonna get it. I have absolutely no business buying that game as I won't get to it till next year (more than likely) with all the big Holiday blockbusters coming along soon.

    Digital isn't helping me either though. My libraries on Steam, XBLA, and PSN are beastly. I need like a self help group of something.

  • HAH. Just gave up and decided I'll pick 9. and umm forget about the rest. umm yeah 9 is a good number? don't cha think? Yup i do. from how many? Oh about 125 lol ranging from nes to gb to snes to gbc to gba and finally ds. Screw it, most of it samey anyway. I picked excellence and innovation over games that i would like to check out, but not expecting anything amazing. life's too short to stress over a game's backlog. gaming should be fun not a chore.

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