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There’s no denying the beauty of Summer of Arcade’s third game- Tequila Works’ Deadlight.

Though it might be playing out a fairly tired theme (zombie apocalypse), Deadlight does it with style- and in what looks to be a pretty refreshing new way. Setting the zompocalypse in the 1980’s, the game gives its action/survival/horror tale life (or maybe un-life might be more appropriate) by exploring an end of the world scenario in a much simpler time than the one that we live in today (where most zombie titles are set).

But enough with the plot, watch the launch trailer below and be awed by the pretty, because Deadlight’s bleak tale is one gorgeous undead romp.

Deadlight will be available this Wednesday (in the US) on the Xbox 360 (you can add it to your download queue here once it goes live) for 1200mspts.

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