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This month will see the release of the free Disorganized Crime multiplayer pack for the noire shooter, but that’s not the last gamers will see of the down and out ex-cop.

Publisher Rockstar Games has released a revised listing of all the planned DLC coming for its popular shooter, Max Payne 3.

First up on the list, the Disorganized Crime pack will be released this month (August). The multiplayer pack is free to download and includes a rooftop map of Hoboken, NJ to battle through and some pretty cool new modifiers for the game’s Score Attack mode.

The free Disorganized Crime Pack for Max Payne 3 gives players the opportunity to battle above the streets surrounding Max’s old apartment in the new Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map. This pack also includes several new modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade Mode including Explosive Rounds where all bullets detonate on impact, Lone Wolf AI for much more aggressive enemies and Headshots Only which adds an extra layer of precision to gaining each kill.

Past that, there’s a bunch more to download- but not quite as much as there was before. There were originally set to be a total of five more (paid) packs to download, but that’s now changed. Rockstar has condensed the quartet into a remaining three, now much larger, packs. Just what’s in this trio of packs has yet to be disclosed by the publisher.

·         Hostage Negotiation Map Pack: September [800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $9.99 (PlayStation Network and PC)]
·         Painful Memories Map Pack: October [800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $9.99 (PlayStation Network and PC)]
·         Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack: October [800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $9.99 (PlayStation Network and PC)]

Now, if you’re a Rockstar Season Pass holder you don’t need to worry about anything. You’re already pre-paid and ready for download for whatever the company decides to do. If you’re not already on board for the total package, you can still buy in and get everything.

Rockstar passes are still available for 2400mspts on Xbox Live or $29.99 on the PSN and PC.

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