Hey look! Magic: The Gathering Online got pretty

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This can’t be good for my mental health. Magic: The Gathering Online – you know, the digital version of the real game, complete with the innumerous packets of cards you need to buy to get the perfect deck – was let down by one thing and one thing only – the interface was about 10 years old, and looked like it was 20.

It’s not any more.

Wizards of the Coast have developed a new interface that is lovely and modern, but also light on computers – even my terrible laptop will run it.

Here’s a run down of the features, according to the press release Wizards sent through:

• Streamlined download: 5 minutes vs. 2 hours
• Improved drafting and limited deck building scenes
• Updated navigation and visuals improve usability
• Combined collection and deck editor simplifies card management
• Floating windows take advantage of high resolutions and multiple monitors
• Full access to deck building, casual play, trading, and store

So… see you over there I guess.

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