Wheels of Destruction is free to expand

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What’s the best kind of DLC? The free kind.

Moscovian Mayhem takes Gelid Games’ PSN car combat title Wheels of Destruction on a voyage to the  unfriendly confines of a futuristic Moscow for some more drivin’ and shootin’ action. Not only does this new title update include the new map, but it also comes complete with a myriad of new control options and a very nice little improvement to the multiplayer system- all for free.

To make sure players quickly get into a match, Gelid has improved the match-making algorithm. As matches fill up, bots will keep their seat warm – providing an array of challenges based on the game’s settings.

Moscovian Mayhem is, once again, totally free to add to your game. If you don’t have Wheels of Destruction already, it’s available now on the PSN for $9.99 USD- check out our review of the vehicular battler here.

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